Mac n Cheese, Salads & Sides

Mac n Cheese

Homemade mac & cheese with stringy mozzarella and topped with herby parmesan crumb as it comes

Chicken, griddled courgettes, airdried tomatoes & pesto

Spicy Nduja, pepperoni & roquito peppers

Truffled mushrooms, chives & truffle oil


Crumbled goats cheese, baby gem, rocket, red onion, olives, griddled courgettes & airdried tomatoes in a honey mustard dressing

Baby Gem, parmesan & garlic ciabatta croutons

A Buffalo mozzarella, Prosciutto, rocket, sundried tomatoes, artichokes & basil pesto

Home Fries

Sea salt & herb crispy potato bites with homemade aioli

Drenched in Parmesan & truffle oil

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